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ass in shortsDing-dong. “Who in the world could that be this early in the morning?” Judy thought as she moved to the door. Judy’s husband had left for work about a half-hour ago and the kids had gotten on the school bus just moments before. Maybe one of them had forgotten something she thought as she moved toward the door.

As she open the door her jaw dropped as she was greeted by the bright smile of a large black man. She stammered “Tyronne, what are you doing here – how did you find me – what the…” Her questions were silenced as Tyronne pushed his way into her home and engaged her in a very wet kiss.

Several months earlier, Judy and her family had gone on vacation to Disney World in Orlando. Everyone has a fantasy and Judy had told her husband that hers was to experience a huge cock, at least double his five inches. He had laughed and asked if that was really what she wanted and she had slowly shaken her head yes. He said that maybe they could combine their fantasies since his had always been to watch his wife with a black man. Judy was shocked. She had never heard anything from her husband in their fifteen years of marriage to remotely suggest he would enjoy such a scenario.

Judy had been a great catch when she graduated from college with a degree in business administration. She was 5′ 7″ tall, with blue eyes and dirty blond hair that hung halfway down her back. She was perfectly proportioned at 36-24-36. They married the summer of graduation and had their first child exactly one year later. After waiting two years, they had their second child.

Judy’s wore reading glasses and her breasts drooped slightly, her hair was a bit shorter and she had gained a few pounds since college but – she still turned heads at age 37. Her sex life was routine but he still got hard as a rock when she toyed with him. She should be happy but still she had heard stories about being filled by a huge cock and wondered. When she finally told her husband about this dream, he dropped the black bomb on her. She really had never thought about it one way or another. So she started surfing the Internet and she had to admit, the more she researched, the more she got aroused.

Finally several months before the big family vacation in Orlando they had talked about it and agreed that her husband would arrange for a well-hung black man to meet her in the hotel while he took the kids to the theme park.

It was difficult to feign illness that morning in Orlando when her heart was beating so fast. She was both nervous and aroused. And when her husband and the kids had left she wondered if she could go through with it. And then, a knock on the door, and there stood Tyronne. He was simply gorgeous. Six foot three, one-hundred ninety five pounds of pure muscle. She melted when he smiled. And she quivered when he moved forward and stroked her hair. She asked if he wanted a drink and he had replied by picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

Soon, she was sucking on the object of her dreams a ten-inch fudgsicle. She had never imagined that it would be so thick and she wondered if she really could take this massive tool. It wouldn’t take long to find out as Tyronne moved between her legs and poised his huge cock at the very entrance to her womanhood. He had tremendous patience as he inserted himself inch by inch and she writhed beneath him. When he had fully impaled her, he started to slowly stroke in and out and she soon adjusted to his size and began to move with him.
fuck in the ass
When he had moved to kiss her she had told him that the deal was no kissing. Tyronne said OK and stopped his motion. Then he slowly removed his cock from her glistening pussy. She asked him what was wrong and he said he really couldn’t get into it unless he was able to kiss the woman he was trying to please. She moved quickly to him and said that one kiss wouldn’t really hurt. As his tongue entered her mouth he pulled her to him and again inserted his tool deep inside of her. Soon she was moving in unison with him and experiencing orgasm after orgasm. When he finally came it was deep inside of her womb and she could feel his hot seed pump what seemed like gallons. Her husband had never cum like this and… neither had she!

When they were finished she had gotten up and told Tyronne how wonderful he was. He looked her in the eyes and told her that he was just starting with her. She had eagerly returned his kiss as he picked her up and took her to the shower. They had sex too many times to count during the next several hours and she had long ago forgotten how many orgasms she had had. One thing she knew for certain was that her husband had never cum five times during one session.

She was exhausted when he left and her husband found her in bed dozing when they got home later that night. Thank God housekeeping was able to change the sheets and towels before they had gotten back. She told her husband that everything had gone as planned and thanked him for letting her experience it. He had made love to her and knew she had been well fucked when he was barely able to feel her she had been so stretched. Of course she said she had no desire for a repeat performance and she meant it.

Still, some six months later, whenever she saw a well-built black man she quivered slightly and got wet thinking about her special day with Tyronne.

She pushed away even though that now familiar wetness was returning between her legs. “Tyronne, you can’t be here!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, but I am Judy and I am going to fuck you again!”

“Tyronne, Orlando was a one time thing.”

He moved to her and kissed her again and as his finger slipped under her skirt and pushed into her wet hole, she let out a lustful moan.

“Please don’t Tyronne ” echoed in the hallway as he scooped her up and carried her to the kitchen counter. He grabbed the large butcher knife from the counter and she gasped as he sliced her panties away. He dropped his pants and pushed his huge cock to her opening and easily slid into her soaked cunt. She had tightened up again and he made a mental note to make sure he didn’t let that happen ever again.

She moaned loudly and accepted him into her. They moved in a lustful rhythm and this time when his mouth pressed against hers, she eagerly dueled with his tongue. It didn’t take long for Judy to experience another orgasm at the hands of Tyronne and she had two more before he finally came. She was once again fulfilled and her eyes rolled back in her head.

She finally regained her senses and told Tyronne to leave her house immediately. Tyronne chuckled as he gathered her up and carried her to the bed she shared with her husband. She begged him but she knew it wouldn’t matter and secretly she didn’t care – she needed his huge cock!

Tyronne entered again and this time she eagerly spread her legs as he started to fuck her hard. Then, without warning he stopped. He looked into Judy’s eyes and said “Tell me you love me cunt!” Judy looked at him wide-eyed in shock. His cock stirred a little as he ordered again “Tell me that you love me you cunt!” Judy whispered “I… lovvvve you Tyronne” He bellowed “louder you white whore.” Judy wanted his cock back in her so badly she shouted “I LOVE YOU TYRONNE!!” She was rewarded with the return of his piston-like assault. After several more orgasms, Tyronne came in buckets and this time when he removed his cock he ordered Judy to lick it clean. She didn’t have to be told twice. He picked Judy up and carried her to the bathroom where they took a shower together rarely separating their lips.

Tyronne picked out an outfit and ordered Judy to dress. She again complied and was led by the arm to Tyronne’s waiting car. As the ignition key was turned he said “You won’t be coming home tonight!”

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