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elastic assI was a member of our college’s football cheerleading squad and proudly ware the short, pleated purple and gold shirt and was lucky, because at the age of 18, I well-advanced beyond my fellow female classmates and had full, firm breast to fill the sweaters we were given to wear on the Friday’s preceding a football game.

I had little sexual experience but once-in-a-while when my hormones were raging, I would go to the girl’s restrooms on these Friday mornings to slip out of my bra so that my long, hard nipples would create a tantalizing sillouete underneath my well-tailored sweater. Once in a while I would even remove my panties so that I could discretely reach up under my shirt when sitting at my desk and play with my most, supple pink lips and bring myself to a secret hot orgasm. Another favorite pastime was to remove my panties so that when I would lean over to take a sip form the water fountain I could excite myself with the though that one of the boys that I wanted to impress would get an eyeful.

One week prior to the big game against our long-standing rival school, I had been chosen my a lottery and entered into a pact of secrecy with my fellow cheerleaders to paint our school’s mascot symbol on our rival’s schools bus. It had been an annual event which was “destined” to become an annual tradition. Unfortunately, however, unbeknownst to me I was caught in the act.

Friday, the next morning, I rushed to the restroom to stuff my bra into my purse and was now proudly outfitted in my pleated short skirt and tightly fitting sweater. Upon emerging for the restroom, I ran into our assistant vice-principal, Mr. Humphrey.

Mr. Humphrey was a 6′ tall handsome specimen of a full grown man. All of the girls in the school held a secret crush on him and I was no exception.

Mr. Humphrey asked me where I was the night before and I was speechless. He then told me to report to his office immediately.

When I entered his office, he rose form his desk and come around to close the door and told me to sit down. He proceeded to pace and told me that he had anticipated this annual act of vandalism and staked out the area where our rival’s school bus was parked —— I was caught in the act. He told me that he had little choice but to relinquish my position on the cheerleading squad.

The thought of being thrown off the squad let alone having my parents find out and giving up my uniform was more than I could bear.

Tears began to roll down my cheeks and I wept and started to plead with Mr. Humphrey to reconsider his decision. He stood firm on his decision as he held his chin in his hand as he listened to my continued pleas. He know how much the squad meant to me.

I said that I would acquiesce to any other form of punishment other than having to give up my position on the squad.

He than suggested that 10 firm swats with the dreaded paddle that was bored with holes would be considered to be sufficient punishment as long as I would promise never to participate in such dealings again and did not tell my parents about this form of punishment. I naturally made the promises and was happy to receive my spanking.

He bent me over his leather chair and I grasped the edge of the seat as my ass was raised high in the air. He gave me one large *SWAT*. He then said, “Christy, I want you to take your punishment like a big girl —- pull down your panties.”

At first I was shocked, then my face and body flushed with heat for the idea of my exposing myself was a long-held fantasy for me.
dick in ass
I reached up under my shirt and pulled my panties down all the way to my ankles. The heat in my body rose to a fever pitch and I smiled gleefully at my handsome, Mr Humphrey. He must have noticed my excitement because he snapped at me to resume my position and ready myself for the rest of my punishment.

I leaned over the back of the chair again, raised my hot pink cheeks and exposed pussy high in the air and grabbed hold of the edge of the seat. Between my soft young thighs, I could feel my newly furry sprouted thatch of hair that barely covered my pink pussy rub up against the leather chair as I braced myself for the next round of spanking.

Mr Humphrey’s drew back even further this time and the paddle land heavily on my bear bum with a loud *SMACK*.

With each repeated round, the strength of his stroke felt more and more intense and I could feel the sting on my reddened hot ass as tears began to stream down my cheeks.

I heard him draw back again and instinctively reached around to grasp the paddle to stop it’s approach but discovered that instead of the paddle, I had grasped hold of a large pulsating bulge within the recesses of his wool pants.

We were both FROZEN in position. My twat began to pulsate in the same rhythmic speed that I felt from his cock in my hand. Dampness formed between my legs and moistened what pubic hair I had while the rest of my wetness slowly trickled down the side of my leg. I was ready and willing to receive the slap of *HIS* rod so I unzipped his pants and released his massive pulsating cock. I directed it towards me and I stretched my pink bottom backward to approach his “bulls eye” target. I then put my other hand between my legs and reached back for his throbbing cock and pulled it between my hot thighs to brush is of my clit. I ran his head between my legs again to further lubricate his hot cock and excite my already ready clit.

I opened my hand and massaged his cock against the face of my dripping wet cunt. I turned my head around and looked up to Mr. Humphrey with my big blue eyes and said “Slap me with you pole and I’ll *promise* to be good.”

I leaned over the chair again and spread my legs apart to create an opening for his approaching body. I directed his throbbing head to my tight but wet cunt. He firmly grabbed hold of both my hips and slowly teased me with the top of his head. I wanted to drive him deeper but he said I would have to hold still and wait, and should just hold onto the sides of the chair, bend over and not let a sound out of my mouth.

I obediently leaned further forward and braced myself for what was to come. He drove himself deeper and deeper inside me. At first his rhythm was slow, but his pace quickened with every approach until he began slapping me with his dick almost as hard as he had with his paddle. The noise of his cock and body slamming against mine was as loud as the paddle and his balls would jump up in front of my pussy which excited me evermore.

The continuing thrust of his body increased to a fever pitch at which point he drove it harder and deeper within me and I did all I could to hold back my screams and joy……I was COMING and I felt the rush of his liquids explode within me as he continued to thrash his body forward until he slowed to final stop. I had by then collapsed limp over the leather chair and after I caught my breath, he gave me some Kleenex, told me to wipe away my “tears”, put on my panties and go back to class.

I’ll never forget his last words, “Let this be a lesson to you, Christy, the next time you ever get into trouble again, you will find yourself in this office again and I’ll have no choice but to make you turn in your uniform right there and then”.

This story had a very happy ending for me: I stayed on the squad, and today, I am happy to say that the lessons I learned that day were invaluable and will forever be cherished.

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