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sexy chickNewcastle University was great, away from home, meeting new people and being able to do what I wanted without having to justify everything in front of my parents. I enrolled in Business Management and enjoyed both my fellow students and the course.

Apart from studying hard, I spend most of the time hanging around with my friends at the student union or in one of the many bars in Town. Each Friday night most of the students went to the student union. It was always a hugh party with the large dance floor in the basement, the two bars on the ground floor and another dance floor on the top floor. Where as the basement was know for pop and house, the top floor offered a much more relaxing but also more exciting. The music was better, a much more interesting mix of various styles like industrial, dance and independent. I am not to much into music but I enjoyed it more upstairs, where the lightning wasn’t so flashy and the girls more grown-up.

That particular Friday Dan, Mike and I walked first to the sports bar on the ground floor. After a couple of pints in town we got another round of lager before we decided to check the union out. As usual most students got completely drunk in the basement and we walked upstairs. At 11:30 it was still quiet and we found a table to sit down, listening to the music, talking and checking out the girls arriving. Most of them looked average but even though, most of them had a nice body and dressed sexy, either in tops and tight jeans or short skirts. Some of them even turned up in nearly see through tops. As every Friday it was a good show and by 12 the place was crowed. Most of the girls danced in small groups, surrounded by fellow students watching them.

I got up and walked to the bar, getting another round of lager when I saw Clair. Clair is a cute girl from our course, a bit smaller than I, about 5′5. Her body seemed to be perfect and her tight top covered some nicely shaped breasts. She smiled at me when she saw me and I made my way through the crowed to meet her.

“Hey Clair, how you’re doing?”

“Fine Tom, and you?”

“I am great, just thirsty. I am getting another round. You want to join us?”

“Sure… I am waiting for Sandra, she should be here.”

“Haven’t seen her, Clair.” I reply.

“She’s late, as always.”

She took my arm and we tried to get through to the bar. Pressing through the body’s was difficult. Just two bartenders to serve maybe 20 people waiting and as soon as one person was leaving, he was replaced by two new students. Clair guided us the way through to the bar since girls always got some space, where as I was pressed and pushed all the time. Clair turned around to me and I saw her smile…
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“We’re nearly there… what you get?”

“Three pints of lager.”

Clair turned around and took my hands and continued leading the way directly in front of the bar. I saw her great body in the tight beige jeans and the red tank-top, I saw the straps of the red bra, her neck, her short black hair. Something happened in the back of the students waiting at the bar. I got pushed against Clair violently, getting in contact with her body… but she just looked at me, took my arms around her waist, holding me and leaning against me. I was surprised but said nothing, instead enjoying the feeling of her body.

Than it was Clairs turn, she bend over the bar, talking to the Student who was working as a bartender. I have seen him a couple of times around the university but didn’t knew him. While Clair bend over to order the drinks, I felt her pushing her bottom even stronger against me, right against my hips. I felt something awakening between my legs. Clair got the drinks, turned around with two beers in her hands.

“You gonna help me?”

I was a bit lost, a moment ago enjoying a nice erotic pressure and now being pushed back into reality…

“Sure…” was all I could say.

She took the other two pints and this time she followed me to the place Dan and Mike were waiting.

“It was about time, Tom, we already though of deploying a SAR-Team.”

“Yeah… I am thirsty. What took you so long…?”

And than they realized Clair was there as well. Both had a big grin and made some space so Clair could join us. Enjoying our beers we mainly talked about your courses and whether we liked our choices, the other students and profs. A bit later Sandra arrived with another guy we didn’t knew. Sandra didn’t stay long but headed off to dance not fare from us. The guy had his eyes all over Sandra’s body. Sandra was a bit taller than Clair, about my size and had larger breasts. And judging how they bounced up and down while dancing Sandra didn’t wear a bra.

“who’s that guy with Sandra” Mike asked Clair.

“Some 3rd year. Studies Law, don’t know him much.” Claire replied watching them closely.

“Always the same…” Dan said.

“What?” I asked him.

“3rd and 2nd years always get the great girls.”

Sadly I let my eyes stray from Dan to Clair and realized she was watching me…

“Lets go dancing” she said, taking my hand and pushing me up.

We moved on the dance floor and started dancing. Clair stayed very close, touching me occasionally, dancing very erotic. We moved closer to Sandra and that guy. It seemed to me that Clair was up to something but I didn’t knew what nor did I care… dancing with Clair was great and I just wanted to enjoy this experience. Clair didn’t only get us closer to Sandra but she also danced much closer to me, contact wasn’t occasionally anymore but constant and I felt how hard I got…

Clair started to embrace me, I felt her breath on my neck and the bulge in my jeans pressing against her body. While dancing even closer, while feeling my erection growing, her lips touched my ears… some air was blown over my skin, it felt like electricity. Soon she started bitting and moaning softly in my ear while I had the feeling that an orkan was storming through my body and that my manhood would rip the jeans apart. The lack of space was uncomfortable but this strong erotic feeling… I didn’t want to miss this, didn’t want to stop.

The song stopped and Clair used the short break to look in my eyes. I felt electrified and had the urge to kiss her. However, the decision was taken from me… Clair kissed me softly… I looked again in her eyes and this time it wasn’t a soft kiss but we locked our mouths, our tongues played with each other. ages passed… I don’t know how long we kissed but Clair broke the kiss and dragged me to the door. Seems like she wanted to leave and I was already looking forward to it…
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I followed Clair but she turned left into the first floor instead of continuing the way down to the basement where the cloakroom is…

“Lets find a place…”

“W…h..” I tried to say.

“Shhh” Clair said, killing anything I tried to say with a wet kiss… She grabbed my jeans and dragged me to one of the conference rooms in the side wing of the student union.

“Guess we won’t be disturbed here.” Clair sad, pushing me in this anonymous room and closing the door behind us. Apart from the streetlight which entered through the windows the room was empty apart from 4 large basic tables in the center and 12 chairs grouped around them. The walls were covered with some posters and a notice board. Nothing personal…

“Tom…” Clair said, looking at me. Somehow her voice sounded shy, insecure…

I walked up to her and took her in my arms. I felt her arms around me, her soft kiss against my throat and than she broke contact. Claire moved backwards to the table and took off her top and let it fall to the floor. I saw her in her bra, even though it was too dark to see the color I knew it was red. I followed her, we kissed again while my hands moved softly over her back…

Clair pushed my t-shirt up, we had to break our kiss so she could push it over my head. She pushed me a bit back and opened the buttons of my jeans, pushing them together with my boxers down. She dropped down on her knees and I felt the soft touch of her lips… it was so exciting, I though it was a dream and suddenly I would wake up alone in bed.

But instead of waking up I felt Clair softly licking my hard shaft, I felt the tip of her tongue gliding over my hot flesh leaving a soft wet track. It was great, I just couldn’t believe it that she was giving me a blow job in the student union. I felt so hot, so excited and the energy waves raced through my body, the soft pressure in my balls. I knew if she continued like that I would explode shortly.

I took her shoulders and pushed her up. It was to dark to really look in her eyes. I felt like saying something but instead I kissed her on her lips, just to feel that her tongue tried to find a way between my lips to great me. I opened my mouth and our kiss was looked again.

I was standing nude, the jeans around my ankle in front of Clair… but I didn’t care. I enjoyed her touches, her fingertips gliding over my back, her tongue playing with mine. I broke the Kiss and tried to step one step back but I fell over my own jeans hanging around my feet. Clair started to laugh loudly.

“Shhht Clair, someone will hear us.”

“That’s so funny Tom…”


“You falling down…”

“You’re making fun of me?” I said pretending to be insulted.

Clair came next to me… I saw up her legs as she stood there… Clair reached to her back and opened her bra, dropping it on my body. She slipped out of her shoes and started opening her jeans slowly…

“You… you’re…?”

Clair stepped out of her jeans and let it drop next to us. She got down and kissed me and if felt her hand reaching for my hard dick. She turned around and started softly sucking my head again. Her hot, wet and soft lips felt so good. I touched her and I was nearly able to kiss her legs. I turned and started licking and kissing her soft skin. Clair moved over my head, spreading her legs… she lowered herself and I could smell her sex, touch it with my nose, feel the heat… I pushed my head up… touched her with my tongue… I felt a shiver as my tongue made first contact with her sex… it was wet…

I couldn’t believe it, we were here, nude, sucking and licking each other. If someone would enter… I did not care, this was better than the dirtiest dreams and sexiest fantasies I had so far.

She lowered herself even more, pressing her pussy on my mouth. I felt her soft hair, my nose touched her inner lips, it was wet… I let my tongue explore her womanhood, feeling the lips, feeling her slit, touching the outer side of the deep tunnel… it was so hot, so wet, so good.

Clair got up and turned around, she bend over and we kissed. Her hand was touching down her legs, taking my dick and placing the head softly between her wet lips. I felt her softness and slowly she pressed herself on my phallus. I was feeling this wet tight, hot passage which my flesh penetrated and it was feeling so good. I let out a soft moan… I touched her tits and started to play with her hard nipples. She was riding me softly crazy…

“Ahhh…” Clair moaned softly…

I was breathing loudly… I didn’t know how long we making love on the floor but I felt the pressure building up…

“I…. i’mmm….”

Clair cut me of again with a deep kiss and her moves became faster as her tongue penetrated my mouth while she rocked faster and faster on my dick. I felt my balls tighten under her pumping, I felt my juices racing through my body while waves were pulsing from my head through the stomach into my hips. I was shaking when I felt my orgasm building up. Than I just exploded deep inside of her… letting out a load moan… while Clair still kissed me and continued riding me.
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She came slowly to a stop, we were just holding each other while I tried to recover. I felt my penis shrinking deep in her. She was so wet…

“Lets go.”


“No…” Clair sad… “where ever you want.”

We dressed and walked hand in hand back to the corridor. It was 1:30 and the people were still dancing. We walked down to the basement and got our jackets. Hand in Hand we walked slowly back to our halls of residence. We walked past Security to our Tower. Clair was living on the 7th floor where as my room was on the 3rd floor.

“It’s up 4 more floors, mine or yours Tom…?” Clair asked me… “mines got a nice view in the morning, we can see the sun rising.”

“Lets get up another 4 floors” I say with a smile.

“If you can wait that long?”

We kissed and I felt her hands on my jeans again. She pushed me down on the stairs and she opened the buttons, pushing down the jeans and slowly taking my soft dick in her mouth. She slowly sucked my, while I rested, softly stroking her hair.

I felt my dick harden again, it was so good. Suddenly we heard a door, than steps, someone was walking up the stairs.

“Clair?” I asked her…

“hmmm” was all I heard… Clair continued sucking me but faster. I felt my head pressing against her throat. She was moving faster, taking me deeper, I felt her tongue under under my shaft, her hands playing with my balls…

The person came closer.. but the steps weren’t fast…

“Clair.. h… hurrry…” I moaned while feeling the pleasure of her mouth but being afraid of someone catching us.

The steps came closer… soon that person would stand in front of us, seeing Clair in front of me, giving me a blow job. But this feeling made me even more excited, the feeling, the idea someone could walk into us… and I exploded.

Clair was sucking my juices. I pushed her gentle away and got up. Clair helped me closing the buttons and we kissed deeply tasting my seed. When the person we heard all the time coming nearer, passed us, Clair jiggled like a small kid. It was a fellow student, completely drunk, dragging himself up the stairs. I looked at Clair and saw some of my creamy milk flowing down her cheeks. I kissed it away and we walked the stairs up to her room…

Closing the door behind us, we pulled of our clothes as fast as possible. Clair guided me to her bed and she spread her long legs wide. I moved down between her legs, kissing the inside, moving up slowly to her wide open lips, still wet of my cream I left there when we loved us the first time.

I moved up to her fruit, touching it softly, parting her lips and searching her clit… finding it in the wet depths, hard… I touched it softly with the tip of my tongue.

“Ahhhaaa” Clair moaned loudly…

I touched her clit with the top of my tongue, licking it, feeling her shivver even stronger…

“Ouahhh… Toahhhh… hhhmmm…. Ahhh!”

Clair pressed her pussy against my face… I started sucking her clit. Placed my lips softly around it, sucked the small hard clit…


I sucked harder and than let my tongue glide down into the wet depths of her passion. Clair moaned louder…


I stop licking her, looking up in her eyes.

“Fuuuck meee pleeease…”
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I moved up, turned her around and Clair kneeled down on her knees in front of me. I moved behind her, inserting my hard cock in her wet tunnel, thrusting in and out of her while she moaned loudly. She was so wet and I hardly felt any friction. I felt just her wetness, her hot fluids coating my hard dick deep in her. It felt good and I enjoyed how she moved her hips against my body, how her buttocks rocked against me, pressing me even deeper in her… I hold her bottom in my hand, massaging her firm ass, letting my thumbs circle over the soft skin while I pumped her. Soon I felt my fluids rising again but Clair started to shiffer, to shout, to spasm while she thrusted her body against me. I felt my juice shooting through my body when she was shaken by her climax. I pumped my cum in her while she collapsed on the bed and I fell on top of her…

I woke up the next morning, I felt naked, I was naked… I saw a naked body next to me, the back of a woman with short brown hair. It wasn’t a dream… and I felt my dick coming to life. I moved a bit nearer and but my arms around Clair, pressing my body softly against her back. I felt my dick reacting to the contact of her warm skin. Getting harder it rubbed against Clairs buttocks. It felt good…

Clair seemed to enjoy it in her sleep, it seemed like her body reacted to my touches, to my rubbing. Her buttocks moved against my dick or did I press myself so hard against her? I don’t know but it seemed like she started rocking herself against my hardness and I got harder. I pressed her body harder against mine, I felt her back pressing against my chest and I felt my dick between her legs rubbing up her bottom. The heat seemed to increase, my pleasure was rising and I started to rub my hardness between her butt cheeks. I softly kissed her neck when I felt her hands gliding softly over my hips. Soft moans escaped her half closed lips when I pressed my shaft deeper…

It felt so good, it happened like two pieces just fitted together. My head pressed against her rosette and Clair pressed softly against my dick. Slowly she pressed herself on my shaft, my helmet entered her first…

“Ahhhaaa… ahhhaaa…”

“Shooot… I… stooo… stop? I asked her moaning…

“Nooo… juuust fuuuck… meee slooow… slooowlyyy…”

I thrusted gently deeper and I was overwhelmed by the heat, by this tightness. it was so dry, so hot, so intense.

“Ahhhaaa… haaa… haaa… ahhh! Clair pressed herself even harder against me… she seemed to shivver, to purr, like a cat.

Somehow I was gliding, thrusting deep in her and suddenly I was in, letting out a load moan.

Clair shouted her moan out load as well… pressing herself on my shaft, burying me deep in her ass.


Clair collapsed, pressed against me, in my arms, my cock in her anus… we both relaxed feeling my hardness deep in her.

“Its so intense Tom…” she softly moaned…

“So hot, so hard…”

“Tom, take me…” Clair moaned… “cum in me”

She twisted her body, our mouths met and while we kissed we started rocking again. Slowly and than faster, each stroke increased the pace. Soon I was thrusting into Clair and she moved against my body, i felt the energy building up in me, so differently… instead of the silky, wet and hot portal a very tight and hot tunnel… it was too much for me and I exploded instantly…

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