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sexy chickShe had long beautiful black hair and was impossibly young. She gave us the standard greeting as we came through the entry. I thought about Jay behind me–I was certain he had noticed her.

The plane was almost deserted. Once in flight, we flipped up the arm rest between us and I lay against Jay who lay against the wall. It was nice like that and I spread Jay’s coat over us like a blanket.

I was feeling sleepy. We had hours of night-time flying in front of us. The hum of the plane was somehow comforting. Jay held me in his arms. I felt him slip his fingers into the waste of my pants. That’s Jay for you. In my panties. He slowly fingered me. I opened my eyes. I felt that feeling growing inside me.

The stewardess walked by. It was so strange to have Jay fingering me right there in front of someone. It was a different stewardess–she was blond and older. I liked her looks–more mature and very attractive.

Jay withdrew his fingers and I could tell he was sleepy. Soon I could feel that he was sleeping. I slipped my own fingers where his had been. I fingered so slowly. I wanted that feeling, more and more. The blond stewardess came back and stopped. I stopped my fingers, laying there frozen. She looked right at me and then smiled. I was sure it was a knowing smile. Then she went on and I fingered myself more. I kept fingering ever so slowly and soon I was ever so ready. Kneeling–I had a vision of her kneeling between my legs, licking me. I fingered and fingered and came.

I was quiet–I can be quiet, but I was glad she wasn’t there: I realized my mouth had been hanging open and I shut it. Jay was awake again–he must have sensed my orgasm. I felt his fingers slipping in, joining mine. I like the feel of his fingers, of my love’s ministrations. He fingered me slowly–he knows. Then I was feeling that feeling again. He wasn’t stopping and I knew he wouldn’t. I wanted to make sure I didn’t lay there with my mouth open. The stewardesses weren’t there–they were in the front or something. Doing something. I thought of the dark-haired one standing with her skirt up, having the blonde lick her. My body stiffened and Jay’s fingers didn’t stop. Oh, it was even better.

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